Sunday School at Living Stones Church meets every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. as friends who are learning to know God. We have classes for all ages with dedicated teachers who know the importance of Christian Education in the 21st Century. The curriculum is planned to take the student through the Bible every 2 years on a progressive level. We encourage everyone to attend Sunday School.

Class locations:

Our Nursery, Toddler and Beginner classes are located to the left of the sanctuary. The Adult class meets in the fellowship room to the right of the sanctuary.
The Primary class, Pre-Teen class, and Youth class meet upstairs in the “Solomon’s Porch”
building that is across the driveway.
Toddler Class
Toddler Class
Beginner Class
We are not only teaching eternal Truths, but our Sunday School classes also provide opportunities for you to participate as part of a team serving others:
The Summer Projects class does outreach with the older people in our church, building bridges of communication and performing small acts of compassion which teach students to respect the elderly and to minister as Jesus did: “I am among you as he that serveth.” Luke 22:27b (KJV)
Our children pray for and give to the missionary children while our adults give toward a specific need of the parents. Examples – we have sent homemade Valentines, contributed money toward buying school clothes, sent spending money for children, contributed toward buying plane tickets for visits home to the U.S.
For more information on Sunday School, contact:
Denise Bearden – Office: 832-521-3444