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Daddy Daughter Date Night
Saturday, February 29th
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Saturday, March 14th, 11:00 – 1:00
Lunch on the Grounds
Ain’t Your Five Guys
Sunday, March 15th

The Seasons of Life

Through the different seasons
In life that we go through,
God still walks there with us,
Through good and bad times too
We don’t need to stop
And ponder why we’re here,
We just need to trust in God
That He won’t leave us there
It is but for a season
That we are in this place,
We need not sit and question it,
Just receive His loving grace
Don’t look around at others,
They can’t give you what you need
Just turn your eyes heavenward
And put your trust in thee
Hard times that you’re facing, 
The Lord will see you through
To bring you to a better place
That He has planned for you
We may only call on Him
when going through bad times,
But when things are going well,
He’s seldom on our minds
For even in the good times,
We still need to look to Him,
So we don’t become complacent
And let our love grow dim
So trust Him in the times ahead
Even when you do not know
that He is there beside you,
For He does love you so.
By M.S. Lowndes

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