Pastor’s Corner

Senior Pastor & Elder Team Responsibilities
1) Leadership and Vision
  • Seek God’s word and God’s will for Living Stones Church
  • Discern and communicate vision, direction, and strategy
  • Lead, shepherd, and develop the board of Elders, pastoral team, other support staff and ministry team leads
  • Inspire, influence, and challenge the spiritual well-being of the congregation so that they may glorify God in their public and private lives – both corporately and as individuals
2) Preach and Teach
  • Communicate God’s word, speaking to people’s spiritual needs in a language relevant to our church culture and community
  • Deliver sermons that are biblically accurate and emotionally inspiring, with a high emphasis on practical application leading to life transformation
3) Set an Example
  • Model a life passionate for Jesus Christ and for the work of His church
  • Model a heart committed to reaching those far from God and making them disciples
  • Model a life that shows consistent spiritual growth
  • Meet the requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9
  • Embrace Living Stones Core beliefs, Mission, Vision, and Values as outlined in our Leadership manual. (Manual in progress)
  • Possess a heart for community outreach and evangelism